What can I do with Engineering?

Engineering is one of the largest and broadest fields you can study. Encompassing everything from designing, creating and building items like cars, bridges and mobile phones! So really, the question we should be asking is what can’t you do with Engineering?

Engineering as a field doesn’t really have boundaries. The only limit to what you can do is your imagination. So, the answer is that you can do anything with Engineering if you put your mind to it! Take the Paralympic athletes for example. The legs and advanced wheelchairs used in the games are the result of Engineers working closely with Athletes to produce a solution that helps them overcome the difficulties they face! Truly amazing!
Working in engineering isn’t all just desk based either. Engineers work underground, at sea, in laboratories, in film studios and many other locations. Your role can be extremely varied and can lead to many different jobs and opportunities for the future.

In fact you aren’t even limited to working specifically for a company, your work is highly demanded in the charity sector as well. Organisations such as “redr” and “telecoms without borders” provide disaster relief, but also Internet and phone access to those in less developed countries.

What’s more, if none of the above sounds interesting to you the skills you learn from Engineering can be transferred to many other job roles. Skills such as logic and numeracy are highly demanded across many sectors of employment and are the gateway to a successful career in any field!

So what are you waiting for? Get involved with the Girls allowed project today, sign up on the website and we’ll be in touch shortly to offer you great opportunities for girls in engineering.

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