Engineering just for boys? Think again! – Meet Olympic architect Zaha Hadid

From the age of eleven Zaha Hadid knew she wanted to work in the architectural side of engineering.

She has engineered her way across the world, having helped design and build some pretty funky looking skyscrapers, bridges, fire stations – and even ski jumps – from Beijing to Cincinnati. Zaha’s just finished the amazing Aquatics Centre for the London Olympics. She’s shown everyone that engineering IS for girls!

The eyes of the world will be watching Britain over the next few weeks, watching to see if we can pull off the greatest show on Earth. Can we do it? To make sure we don’t fall flat on our face in July, we knew we needed the best – the most talented architects, designers and engineers. We needed people like Zaha.

Born in Iraq but having grown up in the UK, Zaha loved engineering and architecture from a young age, and has since become one of the most influential engineers ever.
The story of her life in engineering reminds us how much the job has changed. Years ago there were very few women in engineering, but now they are at the centre of loads of engineering projects right across the world. And Zaha is a great example of this – she’s been designing fantastic buildings and eye-catching structures in America, Spain, Italy, Germany, China – the list goes on and on. Her job as architect of the superb Aquatics Centre for the London Olympics, however, is probably her most famous work – or at least it will be when billions of eyes are watching London in a few weeks!

Zaha has helped to change the way girls see. She’s shown it’s not all hard hats and cement mixers. What hasn’t Zaha done? Mixing her love of maths with her love of buildings, Zaha eventually started own architectural company in London which now employs 350 people, and has worked on all kinds of weird and wonderful structures in Britain and abroad. She’s influenced the skylines of so many cities that in 2008 she was even ranked the 69th most powerful woman in the world!

But many think her best work – so far – is the Olympic Aquatics Centre in Stratford, which has already become a famous London landmark, and will be the first building people see as they enter the Olympic Park. In fact, if you get the train into London from Essex a lot you’ve probably seen it yourself (it’s on the right hand side near Stratford station).

For all the awards and money Zaha has enjoyed over the years, however, what really drove her success was her love of engineering and architecture – and because she wanted to create buildings that would be around for years, decades – maybe even centuries!

And now Zaha is inspiring a new generation of girls to go into engineering in the UK and across the world. She’s shown them that not only can you be good at engineering – you can be the best!

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