Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight: An EcoIsland

Isle of Wight

David Green has a vision, a vision to turn the Isle of Wight, located off of the South Coast of Mainland Britain into a renewable hot-hub by 2020.  A green revolution is brewing on this sleepy island. Once known for it’s relaxing getaways and sailing regattas, the Island is now forging new industries. With the aim to lead the mainland on green renewable over the next ten tears, Green has set himself, and the island an ambitious goal.

The Island, already operating Solar panels aims to implement Wind Turbines, electricity powered hydrogen-refueling station and is drafting plans for geothermal and tidal energy within the next 5 years.

All of this investment has one thing in common – A need for Environmental Engineers.  Engineers are the backbone of the Energy community in the UK, ever since the concept of a “National Grid”, Scientists and Engineers have been inextricably linked with creating and providing energy solutions for the Mainland.

Working as an Environmental Engineer you will have the opportunity to tackle some of the biggest questions this generation faces. How will we provide energy for the ever-growing populace? What are the best ways to do this and how can the taxpayer benefit from this? If you like a challenge and want a bright vibrant, active career, look no further.

Environmental Engineering is truly multi-disciplinary and is an exciting career path for anyone. If you want to know more, get in touch with us via Facebook or Twitter or sign up on the front page of the site to receive more information.

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