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If you think engineering is for boys only then think again! Girls are put off from a career in engineering as they believe it is a masculine job however that is only the perception as it is a male dominated industry.  All round the country there are projects being set up to try and gain more interest in engineering for girls for example there is a project in Essex called Girls Allowed! Which are there to encourage girls into a career in engineering and offer apprenticeships to get them started. There are many companies now which are offering engineering apprenticeships for girls as they are trying to make their workplace equal with the amount of male and female employees. Apprenticeships are a great way of getting into your chosen career and you don’t even have to have a degree to apply! By choosing an apprenticeship route you will be learning and trained while on the job.

So why choose an education in engineering? Choosing a career in engineering will open the door to so many opportunities. There are careers from an Automotive Engineer to a Food Technologist to a Structural Engineer. School and Universities all around the UK are trying to gain more interest from girls to study engineering to try and increase the amount that go into the profession.

The UK now has the least amount of females working in an engineering profession in the whole of Europe! Many women that work in the Engineering sector believed that before they started work they might have hit  few barriers because of their gender but this isn’t the case. They actually believe that once they started work the barriers disappear. Companies now are trying to break the mold of engineering being a male dominated area and are even doing talks with their female employees at school to try and encourage women into this are of work.Girls-in-Engineering

There is an award specific to females that is awarded to the very best female engineers (under the age of 30) called The IET’s Young Woman of the Year Award. There is also the Society of Women Engineers which is a non profit organisation giving women engineers a chance within the engineering industry.

There are many successful women engineers which make great role models for girls looking to go into engineering. One female role model being Dervilla Mitchel who not only helped to set up ConnectWomen but was a senior engineer and led the involvement at T5 Heathrow. There is also Dr Phebe Mann who has made the amazing achievement of holding five professional engineering qualifications in the UK and is the only woman to hold them.

Author Bio:

Louise has recently started her engineering career with Parkland Engineering who specialise in industrial hosing.

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