Free STEM Taster Sessions at Harlow College Available Now

Are you interested in Engineering Apprenticeships for Girls but unsure about what a career in engineering might involve or how to go about it? Then fear no more as Girls Allowed have recently announced that Free STEM Taster Sessions are available at Harlow College. The next session is on the 18th May.


The sessions last for 3 hours between 10am and 1pm and involve both theory and practical elements as well as Pizza for lunch! Local company Applied Scintillation Technologies have supplied the funding to support the initiative. There is more information available on the Girls Allowed site here: How Girls Can Get Into Engineering.

STEM taster session

Paige Tennison enjoying a recent STEM taster session at Harlow College

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The path to becoming an engineer

From electrical and environmental to mechanical and nuclear, engineering is a diverse field. And engineers and the work they do are a key part of modern society. So what is the path to becoming an engineer?

Continue reading “The path to becoming an engineer” »

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The Isle of Wight: An EcoIsland

Isle of Wight

David Green has a vision, a vision to turn the Isle of Wight, located off of the South Coast of Mainland Britain into a renewable hot-hub by 2020.  A green revolution is brewing on this sleepy island. Once known for it’s relaxing getaways and sailing regattas, the Island is now forging new industries. With the aim to lead the mainland on green renewable over the next ten tears, Green has set himself, and the island an ambitious goal.

The Island, already operating Solar panels aims to implement Wind Turbines, electricity powered hydrogen-refueling station and is drafting plans for geothermal and tidal energy within the next 5 years. Continue reading “The Isle of Wight: An EcoIsland” »

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Engineering for Girls…

If you think engineering is for boys only then think again! Girls are put off from a career in engineering as they believe it is a masculine job however that is only the perception as it is a male dominated industry.  All round the country there are projects being set up to try and gain more interest in engineering for girls for example there is a project in Essex called Girls Allowed! Continue reading “Engineering for Girls…” »

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Career Guides: Welder

There are welding jobs to be had in many industries, but welding work is only made of five subcategories: artwork, construction, structural repairs, freelance and custom welding.  Work requirements vary depending on the job chosen, but all employers require applicants to have a welding license. Welding is dangerous work, and specialized training is required to do the job safely. In this guide, you will learn more about the various types of welding work. Continue reading “Career Guides: Welder” »

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Career Advice For Teenagers

As a teenager, you may just be getting your feet wet in the job market with typical teen jobs like babysitting, waitressing and shop assisting. These are typically considered great teen jobs because they offer flexible work hours around a teen’s busy schedule and require little to no experience. However, you may be aware that the job market is rather tight today, and you may be understandably concerned about what the future may hold for you. In fact, it is estimated that over a third of university graduates are in unskilled work. Largely, this is because there are few jobs within their field. While beginning your career may still be many years away, there are steps that you can take now and for the next few years that can help you to ensure that you are on the favourable side of this statistic instead of using your Master’s degree in Physics to serve people coffee and bagels. Continue reading “Career Advice For Teenagers” »

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Famous Women In Engineering – Dame Caroline Haslett

Dame Caroline Harriet Haslett was born in Worth, West Sussex on August 17th 1895. In a time where the National Grid was but a thought, Haslett was a keen educator and a talented electrical Engineer whom was keen to extend equality and the knowledge about the power revolution to all.

Attracted to a career in business initially she began work as a Junior Clerk at Cochran Boiler Company in 1914. Quickly making her way up the corporate ladder, by 1918 she was managing the entire London Office. On her way up, she learned an incredible amount of information about Boilers and their operation, so much so that, at her request she was sent to Annan, Scotland to receive formal training in practical Engineering for Boiler Design. Continue reading “Famous Women In Engineering – Dame Caroline Haslett” »

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What can I do with Engineering?

Engineering is one of the largest and broadest fields you can study. Encompassing everything from designing, creating and building items like cars, bridges and mobile phones! So really, the question we should be asking is what can’t you do with Engineering? Continue reading “What can I do with Engineering?” »

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Engineering just for boys? Think again! – Meet Olympic architect Zaha Hadid

From the age of eleven Zaha Hadid knew she wanted to work in the architectural side of engineering.

She has engineered her way across the world, having helped design and build some pretty funky looking skyscrapers, bridges, fire stations – and even ski jumps – from Beijing to Cincinnati. Zaha’s just finished the amazing Aquatics Centre for the London Olympics. She’s shown everyone that engineering IS for girls! Continue reading “Engineering just for boys? Think again! – Meet Olympic architect Zaha Hadid” »

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Inventions by girls that changed the world, No.1 – The Dishwasher!

Let’s start with a little quiz. Which one of these occupations is the odd one out?

*beauty therapist

Did you get it? That’s right, none of them are the odd one out. Okay, maybe one or two of you wondered why ‘engineer’ is in the same list as ‘beauty therapist’, but the truth is that loads of girls are now starting careers in engineering.  Why? Because it’s fun, well paid and you can get to see the world. What more do you want? Continue reading “Inventions by girls that changed the world, No.1 – The Dishwasher!” »

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